(Some samples of Philip's Auditions/ Callbacks/ & Spots)

More updates coming soon

2022 a few of AUDITIONS at top of 2022:
  • Auditioned for Seth Yanklewitz for GRAY MATTER
  • read FIVE times for Kumail Nanjiani as everything from Gabe Kaplan to a delivery guy who wants to strip for the show Chippendales
  • read another two times for Seth Yanklewitz for HIMYF
Nov & Dec 2021 a few of AUDITIONS:
  • aud for Super Pumped as manager of Uber
  • aud forHe Went That Way baseball player
  • aud for aud for The Goldbergs as a con man
  • The Rookie as Italian guy
October 2021 a few of AUDITIONS in October
  • read  twice for the fantastic Seth Yanklewitz for How I Met Your Father
September 2021 a few of AUDITIONS for Sept
  • read for Showtime pilot Coercion
  • audition for feature film Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe as an old Drunk
August 2021 a few of AUDITIONS in August
  • read for DAVID FINCHER for The Killer as a henchman
  • audition for show GASLIT as a Mob Boss
  • audition for Winning Time as a bad Laker fan
  • read for Sam Levinson for Euphoria as a COP
July 2021 Signed with FSE Theatrical department  TV/FILM Agent: Kara Slocum (213) 531-0547 x715
June  2021  Audition for Mondavi Wines
June  2021  Audition for WebMD
July 2021 CALLBACK for BRITA
June  2021  Audition for BRITA
April  2021  V.O. Audition for

November  2020  Audition for US BANK
October  2020  Audition for CHASE BANK
September  2020  Audition for Mondavi Wines
July 2020  Audition at Ross Lacy for COORS

November 2019  BOOKED tv show "ALL RISE" as bomb victim #1
September 2019  BOOKED/FILMED Undisclosed huge project :) :)
September 2019  Audition for Undisclosed huge project
June 2019
Audition for Fidelity
February 2019  FILMED on location in Nashville as Series Regular Randy "Green Beans" Norris in pilot episode new sitcom "The 'Cue"

August  2018
  Audition for Direct TV/ESPN
August 2018  Audition for Goodyear
May 2018  Audition for Walmart
March 2018 BOOKED film "And I Feel Fine" as bar guy
March 2018 BOOKED comedic film "The Pragmatics" as shifty neighbor for festivals
March 2018 BOOKED HOMEWARD/L.A. (theater benefit show supporting Homeless People about actual survivor's stories for late April)
February 2018 BOOKED & shot TOYOTA
February 2018 Put on Avail for TOYOTA
February 2018 Callback for TOYOTA
February 2018 Audition for TOYOTA
February 2018 Audition for Altice
February 2018 Callback for Cricket Wireless
February 2018 Audition for Cricket Wireless
January 2018 BOOKED V.O. New 3d Animation "LITTLE HERO" as 2 leads EMPU wise monkey & CUDA young boy
January 2018 BOOKED AMC's Walking Dead "Walker Stalker Cruise 2018"
January 2018 Audition for V.O. "LITTLE HERO" 3d animation
January 2018 Callback for AM/PM
January 2018 Audition for AM/PM

October 2017 Callback for DISCOVERY Go
October 2017 Audition for DISCOVERY Go
August 2017 Callback for Ford Mustang
August 2017 Audition for Ford Mustang
July 2017 Audition for HP "What If"
June 2017
Audition for Comedy Central's "This Is Not Happening" season 4
May 2017 Table read at Warner Brothers stage 21
May 2017 Audition for Agua Azul
April 2017 Audition for McDonalds
April 2017 Audition for E Games News Show
January 2017 Audition for Subway
January 2017 Callback for Toyota
January 2017 Audition for San Diego Honda Dealers "Motorcade"
January 2017 Audition for Toyota

October 2016 Callback for Toyotathon
September 2016 Audition for Toyotathon
April 2016 Audition for Blue Cross/Blue Shield
April 2016 Callback for Dunkin Donuts
April 2016 Audition for McDonalds
April 2016 Audition for Dunkin Donuts
March 2016 6 V.O. Auditions for different animated series
March 2016 Callback for Snapple
March 2016 "NAMELESS" Cast & Crew Screening @ Raleigh Studios
March 2016 Audition for Snapple
February 2016 BOOKED Shot short film "NAMELESS" for Delaurentiis Productions
January-March 2016 Audition for the Lead Role  & Three Table Reads for FEATURE at Paramount Studios
January 2016 Put on Avail for Unnamed National Spot
January 2016 Put on Avail Buick/NCAA March Madness
January 2016 Callback for Unnamed National Spot
January 2016 Callback for Buick/NCAA March Madness
January 2016 Callback for Crest
January 2016 Audition for Buick/NCAA March Madness
January 2016 Audition for Crest

December 2015 Audition for Jet Blue
December 2015 Cast as a WHO for Grinchmas @Universal Studios Hollywood
December 2015 Audition for Unnamed National Spot
December 2015 Table Read for Pilot at Paramount Studios
November 2015 Cast as NEW YORK COP @Universal Studios Hollywood
September 2015 VO Audition for Insurance Company
September 2015 Same day Auditions for McDonald's & LETGO
August 2015 Callback for COX Communications
August 2015 Audition for COX Communications
August 2015 Audition for NIKE/Foot Locker
August 2015 Audition for GMC
July 2015 2nd Callback for NIKE/Foot Locker
July 2015 Callback for NIKE/Foot Locker
July 2015 Audition for NIKE/Foot Locker
June 2015 Audition for HONDA spots with callback
June 2015 VO Audition for CAR SPOT
May 2015 Callback for TOYOTA "Ask Jan" spots
May 2015 Audition for TOYOTA "Ask Jan" spots
Feb - April 2015 Audition for Nissan among others & straight to callback for McDonalds

2014 Audition for more than 10 national spots
2014  Cast as MRS. BEATON for Universal Studios Hollywood

October 2013 Cast as Killer Klown for Halloween Horror

October 2012 Cast as Killer Klown for Halloween Horror
03/01/12-current  Cast as Scooby Doo & Sponge Bob at Universal Studios Hollywood

October 2011 Cast as Killer Klown for Halloween Horror
03/01/11-current  Cast as E.B. from HOP at Universal Studios Hollywood

12/11/10-01/02/11  Cast as "Xmas Tree Who" in Whoville for 'Grinchmas' at Universal Studios  Hollywood

09/24/10-10/31/10  Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood as Brain Surgery Jerry in the "House of 1000 Corpses Maze"

08/14/10  Philip stars in LA Connection Improv night on Ventura Blvd

08/06/10  Philip stars in LA Connection Improv night on Ventura Blvd

04/23/10-5/16/10   Philip will play 15 characters in "Shipwrecked" at the Sierra Repertory Theatre

02/22/10  Philip returns to Broadway for "Broadway Backwards 5", hosted by Florence Henderson.

01/04/10  Audition for the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre.

01/02/10  Philip guest stars in Midnight Show @ Comedy Sportz in Milwaukee

08/29/09  "Welcome to Puerto Seco" stage reading. 2pm at Edendale Library in Echo Park

08/27/09  Philip signed commercially with Avalon Artists Group

08/23/09  Audition for wonderful Anteaus Theatre Co. in NoHo Arts district. Classes to come.

04/24/09 - 05/24/09  Philip will play 'Passerpartout' in "Around the World in 80 Days" at the Sierra Repertory Theatre

03/06/09 - 03/29/09  Philip is happy to be playing the lead role in the French farce "Paradise Hotel" written by Georges Feydeau. The Menander Theatre Company in Hollywood
Rave reviews at LAWeekly and Backstage West (type in Paradise Hotel review on their websites)

02/09/09  Philip is very excited to be making his Broadway debut in a one night concert entitled "Broadway Backwards 4". He has the pleasure of working with talent the likes of Whoopi Goldberg, Alan Cumming, a solo with Gina Gershon, Ron Palillo, Mario Cantone, Anne Mira, Florence Henderson, and many broadway stars.

10/07/08  Philip is very excited to be working in NYC as part of the NAMT festival for his favorite new musical about Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz entitled "The Cuban and the Redhead". The show was selected as a finalist for this prestigious festival and will be performed before top Broadway producers and artistic directors from all over the country. For info visit:

09/11/08  Philip can be seen once again in Steven Sondheim's "Assassins" as the Italian immigrant Guiseppe Zangara. He is appearing with the West Coast Ensemble under the direction of Richard Israel.

Theatrical/TV/Film Agent:
Kara Slocum
(213)-531-0547  x715

Commercial Agent:
Dori Crivello:
(213)-531-0547 x711

*** AMC's Walking Dead "Walker Stalker Cruise 2018 ***

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